Friday, December 10, 2010

{a few of my favorite things...}

i haven't posted one of these lists in a while and thought of a few things that have inspired me this past month that i would share with you!

can you please look at this "beach blue" beauty and not drool?!?  it's at a local restaurant and i want to STEAL it... well not really, but i love it!  i found the company that actually makes them (along with stoves AND dishwashers) and i am longing to one day have my very own "retro kitchen"  check it --> big chill fridge company
are you ready for your home to smell like holiday goodness???  then you MUST get these yummy smelling mulling spices.  throw them in a small pot with a couple cups of water and put them on low and in no time your house will be smelling like one big, fat holiday.  i will leave them simmering for hours, but just don't leave them on all night or you might come downstairs to a panic attack and black pot... not that i would know or anything... moving on.
 enter my Christmas splurge... the not-so-average down "sweater vest" ...Merry Christmas to me!  :)  i've been eyeing this beauty for a while, but refused to pay full price.  lucky for me I have some friends in the right places and I only had to splurge a little for this one.  she's a perfect amount of marshmallow puff mixed with the perfect amount of warmth.  perfect for those cold mountain days ahead.  check it --> patagonia sweater vest
 it's time to pamper yourselves folks.  meet trader joe's own Lavender Salt Scrub.  i've even had a friend's hubby admit that this was the best gift their wife had ever received.  that says something.  this is a winter shower MUST.  your skin will thank you... and so might your hubby, if you have one of those :)
 lastly... and i can't mention them enough... 31 bits.  a lot of ladies in my life may or may not be getting some of this goodness this Christmas.  i would LOVE for this to show up under my tree.  such beauty... not only in the jewelry, but in the creators and mission behind it... here in the US and in Uganda.
what are some of your favorite things this holiday season??

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NatureGirl said...

What good taste you have Miss A. Hooray for you for splurging on yourself...even if just a little! Merry Christmas friend!