Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{DIY :: inspiration board}

my "office" at home is still a wreck work in progress, but a few months ago i stumbled across a picture of a little inspiration board that i loved, but knew i could make much less expensive than buying so i set out to do just that!  sadly, i can't find the original image, but upon seeing it i knew it was definitely something i wanted beside my desk at home that i could change out whatever may be inspiring me at any given moment.   here's what you will need...

the hardware :: clear pushpins, bulldog clips, & a hanger

the pushpins i had, the bulldog clips i purchased at walmart, & the hanger i had. 
cost = $8

next you will need a board.  
you choose the size.  i just went into the plywood department at lowe's where they have a scrap section.  i found this lovely piece of wood below.  i loved the texture and knew it'd be pretty easy to press the pins into as well as the hanger. the guy working gave it to me for $FREE.99! yep.  he even cut the piece that i wanted in half so i could make 2.  
cost  = $0
so while you're at lowe's getting your wood, head on over to the paint department for the best part!  picking your color. lowe's and probably a few other paint places have these awesome "samples" you can buy for about $3 of most colors.  i actually bought 2 different colors a grey and a red.
cost = $6
so then i went to work... painting, measuring, pushing pins.  hard work i tell ya.  hard. work.
depending on the size of your board and the amount of clips you use, your space will vary in between clips.  i am definitely not too great at math so this was the hardest part for my feeble creative mind.
and there you have it!  
the most lovely (and cheapest... $14 buckaroos for 2!) little inspiration board. change out whatever whenever to what inspires you the most.  i threw a few things in there that have inspired me lately and just love how it turned out.  please excuse the unfinished state that is my office shelves.  i cringe at their lack of completion, but i digress. maybe one day i'll have some more pictures of that project.
so what are you waiting for?!?  get out there & make your own!

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