Friday, July 1, 2011


it might be a little extreme for your taste, 
but it's EXACTLY what i need to tell myself every morning when i wake up...
yesterday i took a cycle class for the first time in at least 5 years. my dear friend meredith just picked up an evening class at the Y closer to where i work.  before she taught a class uptown at 6 am and that is an hour that i do NOT function during, but now that her class is after work, i realized i couldn't make any more excuses. i went in thinking i might die.  (that's total wrong thinking by the way) but as mere got me set up on my bike and i started pedaling and warming up i had a total mental check.  i told myself  "you can do this." ... and i did.

daily i HAVE to make the choice to be the best me and if my goal is not to be fat, but fit, then i have to choose.  daily.  i have to choose to go to that cycle class.  choose to put my shoes on.  choose to keep pedaling even if after 10 minutes i don't think i'll make it to the 45 mark.  choose to push harder through that climb.  

choose. every. single. day.

if i'm going to make myself the best version of me, then this is a must.  discipline is tough, but nothing worth having comes easy, that's for darn sure.  one day i would love to have children, teach them healthy habits, but most importantly to lead by example.

yesterday i read this incredibly inspiring post by my friend katie of kadi fit and it addressed my daily battle.  the battle of the body, but as she points out, some things work for some, but not for others, BUT you have to make the choice to work hard at whatever you do and honestly,  it's one of the greatest satisfactions i've known.  running was my start, now i know there's a warrior inside of me just waiting to be unleashed.

{here's to choosing today to be fit and healthy.}
and i'll leave with with some inspiring images i found on pinterest.

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Katie said...

Awesome post April! It is deciding to make the right choices over and over that get us to where we want to be. So proud of you for realizing the warrior within you ;)