Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{breakfast.on.beech.mountain :: bacon, egg, & toast cups}

i'm blaming the insane heat in NC for the amount of time i've been leaving charlotte to spend time on beech mountain.  this summer is H-O-T!!  but seriously... how can you resist coming here...
yesterday morning i set out to pull a little paula dean, or better crocker, or more appropriately... martha stewart... and made the family a killer breakfast!  i give you my version of bacon, egg, and toast cups via martha stewart <--- click that link for the recipe.
here's what you'll need + butter.  take an easy start with 6 or 12 pieces of bread, depending on how many you want to make or how big your muffin pan is.  if you have a 12 muffin pan and only want to make 6, make sure you leave a space between the cups.
 once you have bread out, lightly roll out your slices.  then take a wide mouth glass, cup, or circular cookie cutter, and cut circles in your bread.  my big ol' starbucks mug worked fantastic!
once you have all your circles cut, butter your pan...
then 1/2 your bread circles before placing them in your pan.  place one 1/2 of your slice in the pan lining one side and then the other 1/2 so it lines the other side  your pieces will  overlap some.  use some of the extra bread pieces that you cut off to fill in the holes in the bottom.  melt a little butter and then brush the melted butter over the bread cups.
then cook your bacon about 3/4s of the way.  before it cools, circle the cups with the bacon slices.  the recipe didn't call for it, but i added shredded cheese to the bottom of my cups before the bacon.  everything is better with cheese right??
 once you have your bread, cheese, and bacon in your cups comes the fun part.  carefully crack an egg in each cup.  then lightly salt and pepper the tops.
then throw them in your 375 oven for 20-25 minutes.  feel free to take goofy pictures of the monkeys that are waiting to eat said food.
please pardon my appearance...   :)
 ...and voila!  you have a yummy, yummy breakfast!  just don't get too carried away taking pictures that you slightly over cook them.  thankfully i had some hungry tummies to feed and they didn't mind at all!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing says LOVE like bacon, egg and toast cups!!!! Love all you girlie!!!!