Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{instagramage :: summer 2011 wrap up}

 summer is coming to a close folks and we've got hurricanes and earthquakes to escort it out!  i'm excited because hot is not even the way to describe what this summer has been here in NC... more like sweltering!  i'm ready for fall and for a new season in this life, in more ways than one.  i don't want to wish the time away so today i'm taking the time to look back over the great times i've captured via instagram this summer and cultivating gratitude for all the amazing blessings in my life!

: kayaking and picnicking on beech mountain : many dinners with friends : snugly puppies  :
: beautiful summer skies : crafty craftiness : rediscovering pencils and graph paper :
: coffee mornings in my kitchen : music that sings to my soul and sunsets that do the same :
: golden tans and hippie sun dresses : banana chocolate pancakes on saturday mornings :
: coffee : virginia creeper trail with the whole fam : goodies from anthropologie sales : 
: seeing my work in print : fun treats from etsy : nights out in NoDa : clouds and storms :
 : lots o' spray paint : movies in the park : flowers from friends who care :
: Truth, Truth, and more Truth that my heart REALLY needed to hear and believe :
: red, red wine : new chacos : radtastic parental units : and so much more!! :
thanks summer 2011!  you were an interesting, yet blessed one for sure!

dear fall, 
all i have is one challenge for you.  
i double dog dare you...

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NatureGirl said...

You always make me smile...