Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{be present}

ohhhh mexico.  
i spent last wednesday through sunday in sunshiny mexico.  it was absolutely fabuloso.  i had the incredible opportunity to travel with almond leaf studios for my first destination wedding where we also got to enjoy a little vacation and relaxation.  it was exactly what i needed after this fall of insanity and i'm so grateful for my time there.
 last week also got me thinking a lot about being present.  when you have the opportunity to check out of your so-called reality and just think for a while, it's amazing what your brain can come up with.

this has continuously popped into my mind over the last few months.  i have a tendency to zone out, distract myself too easily, and not. be. present.  i don't want to live selfishly like that any longer.  all my days in mexico i tried my best to be present in the moment, soak up all of God's magnificent creation, the sun on my skin, great people all around, and just be.

it can be challenging to be present and honestly sometimes it feels like an art... one that i tend to fail.  i make excuses. pick up my iphone too easily, get bored, my insecurities creep in about what people around me think about me, so i check out.  i leave the present and try to drift off to lala land... then i had an epiphany... if you're on the receiving end of someone checking out and not being present, it can really, really hurt.  it can feel as if you don't matter and in no way do i ever want to make someone feel that way and take their friendship or relationship that i've been blessed with for granted.  life's too short.

no more i tell ya.  i'm challenging you (and myself) to be present this week. (side note :: i know you can't be "on" 100% of the time so i'm challenging you to be aware and make your best effort)  think about the many, many things you do have to be thankful for, even if your current circumstances aren't the best.  make the best effort you can with the people who you have relationships with even if you see them everyday.  your friends. your family... aren't they the ones we can easily NOT be present with because it can be so familiar?  nurture those friendships and family relationships this week.  discover even more about the people around you, the life that you live, and be present. 


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Wynne Elder said...

No lie I have a very similar blog post in the works from my time at the beach. ;) thanks for the reminder. I will be present this week!!!!