Monday, December 19, 2011

{Glory be to God :: A Clean Water Well will be built!}

{image borrowed from bringing up burns}

hey girl,
that's right... through your kindness & generosity Project 320's $5000 goal to build another clean water well was met last night!  through your prayers, donations, and love, a village of God's beloved people will now have clean water.  their families will live longer. they'll be able to love longer, fight disease, and have LIFE... and i pray have it abundantly with all the clean water they could ever hope for!!!

i'll announce the winner of the giveaway later today, but i just wanted to share the great news of a well fully funded!  ... and of course a little ryan gosling makes the news much more pleasing to the eye!  haha.  "hey girl" has taken on a whole new meaning this week as we've twittered and giggled over this.  gotta love some good laughs mixed in with generosity.  can't beat it!

Merry Christmas friends!

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