Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{loving me some instagram :: jan photo a day challenge}

if you follow me on instagram or twitter then you've probably seen some of my posts over the last 10 days dealing with #JanPhotoADay.  for all of your non hashtaggers... i'm sorry.  that's all i will say about that.  anywho, i've been LOVING this challenge (check out the photo below) 

i've realized recently.... scratch that.  i've none forever, BUT that i absolutely love my iphone camera.  love as in like i never take another camera with me unless i'm shooting weddings type of love it.  i love being able to see something that i want to capture right then and there and i'm grateful that i can do so with my iPhone.

{finding beauty in the everyday is life giving for me}

when i saw the photo below from a fellow instagramer, i knew i was on board and i've loved seeing so many other people playing along.  i love the spontaneity of instagram, but it's been fun to have a prompt each day to spur on my creativity behind the phone lens.  it makes me keep my eyes open a little wider to the world around me and has me thinking "what am i going to shoot today?"  it adds a little more purpose to my everyday shooting and i get to share a little bit of my life with you too. 
sooooo if you're on instagram (and for those of you none iPhone users, rumor has it that instagram is working on an app for other phones to debut shortly) come play along with us!!  today is day 10 so you still have 21 more days to play... and who knows??  ... me and bringing up burns may have a little something up our sleeves for the remaining 11 months of 2012.

{happy shooting}

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Erin Burns said...

oh yes we do!
so excited.
love you, friend!