Friday, April 13, 2012

{blue like jazz :: the movie}

one of my all time favorite books, blue like jazz
has been made into a movie and it releases today.  
yes today.
not only is the book a wonderful story, the story of blue like jazz :: the movie and how it came to be is a fabulous one.  a hard one, but a goodie.  the short version is... they set out to make the movie, the recession hit, they "failed" as the money wasn't there.  two young guys from TN who had really been affected by donald miller's book, blue like jazz refused to let the "failing" happen so they set out to "save blue like jazz"...

insert kickstarter and add in all the rest of the people who did not want BLJ to "fail" 
we all gave (a whopping total of $345,992) and the movie happened.  
obvi.  it comes out today.

i say it's a must see.  
"why?" you ask...
my question is "why not?"
it might just change how you look at Jesus...
 see if it's playing in a theater near you this weekend and go see it.


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