Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{may photo a day :: instagram 366 challenge}

i'll have to admit... i've been slack on my photo taking as life's been a crazy whirlwind, in and out of the country this month, but let me tell you that i am PUMPED about may 2012!  i'll be changing up my scenery quite a bit this month and i'm a little bit ecstatic about what may is scheduled to bring... 

first up it's portland, oregon for donald miller's storyline conference with the lovely emily chidester.  watch out west coast.  we're ready to take you by storm!

california to FINALLY visit our beloved bringupburns.  yes that's right, my lovely co-creator of {Photo.366} and i will be joining forces for a few days...  watch out folks.  this means double trouble with my west coast twin is coming to the #mayphoto366 challenge!

finally a little later in may i'm headed to the outer banks of NC for my college roommates week long wedding extravaganza.  who knows what kinda IG insanity that will bring??...but i do know one thing... it's all gonna be a blast!!!

so without further ado... let me introduce you to may!
also... you have NO excuse not to join if you don't have an iphone because i know there's instagram for other phones now.  do it.  go get it... and get inspired by the beauty that surrounds you every. single. day!!

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