Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{someday cottage}

 as i sit here on this may morning, nickle creek playing, i am day dreaming of a porch, the creak of the screen door as i walk outside.  the cool air caresses my face as the wind gently blows.  i dream of a rocking chair with a steaming cup of coffee.  back and forth.  back and forth.  here there are no cares in the world. the birds' song fills my ears with delight.  they sing to one another.  the crickets, the tree frogs, all that's alive in nature joins in with the cottage song.  as i sit alone with my thoughts, i relish in the peace of the moment. the smell of the earth blows by and i breathe it in full.  breathing in and out, allowing the air to completely fill my lungs, reminding me i'm alive... it's a little slice of heaven.

the sheets are white and crisp in this cottage and the beds are many. life lives here. family and friends are welcome and many come.  they're happily invited to enjoy and experience the wilderness that surrounds.  the lovely creation that captivates. 

love is found in this cottage.  

there's laughter, yet sometimes tears, as life is experienced, discussed, and lived.  there are children playing here. in the tall grass.  the unseen creek.  the girls giggle with laughter and the sound of their joy is intoxicating. the boys explore in search of all the wild animals and the many, many adventures they can find.  

the bright warm sun shines in the windows by day and the stars and moon by night. when day has gone there is a warm fire burning in the fireplace. smoke slowly rises from the chimney.  chatter fills the kitchen as a delicious dinner is prepared with love and care.  games are played, words are exchanged... love is found in this cottage.  

the floor boards are worn from the many feet that have walked across them and they creak as they go.  the character of this cottage is pure joy.  if the walls could talk, oh the stories they could tell of the life that's been shared here.  stories of family, of romance, of babies snuggled, of friendship.  stories that are so full of life they overflow and become part of this cottage.

love is found in this cottage.
this is the cottage i'm dreaming of...
 (this beautiful painting is by katie daisy which you can buy here.  she inspires me.)


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