Friday, December 14, 2007

"gag" gifts... not sure if these make me want to laugh or cry that they exist!

so my parents have been going to their church, hawthorne lane, forever. my dad has gone there majority of his life & my mom has been attending since she was a teenager when she started dating my dad. they've been in their current sunday school class, the friendship class, for over 30 years. i've known these people my entire life. they're a fun group of people who love to have a good time. every year they have a sunday school Christmas party with dinner & a gift exchange. this isn't just any gift exchange. the rules are gag or nice when it comes to a gift, your choice. well this year during the exchange my mother picked her gift. it was a beautifully wrapped present & as she proceeded to open it she saw what looked like a normal christmas cookie tin. after opening she found pecans & other various nuts & some christmas salt & pepper shakers. she continued to dig through the tissue paper & realized there was more to her present than she bargained for. she found THESE! (see picture below)
this is the ultimate gag gift 30 years in the making!!! i'm pretty sure these panties are the BIGGEST things i've ever seen in my life! these panties have been passed around for the last 30 years as a gag gift at the friendship class christmas party. i've heard many stories about them over the years, but have never actually seen them with my own eyes. mom says that some years they don't show up, but they ALWAYS resurface. she came to work the other day actually excited that they FINALLY got them as their gift this year in the gift exchange. haha. she said that every year they can't wait to see how someone packages them because it's always so different & makes for a lot of fun in finding them among the gifts. great gags & great laughs with great freinds are great times... wow... i just used a lot of greats!! hope you all have some great laughs over this holiday season!!!


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