Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my other "lovie" -- madeline.elizabeth

yes i call them my lovies. this is lil lovie. other names... doodlebugs, smilies, yadda yadda. i could go on, but i won't. i love those two little people so much.

this is the newest addtion to our family, mackenzie's little sister, madeline. how could you not love this sweet little thing?

God has blessed me with the chance to see these two grow up & i'm so glad i made the decision to take that chance. i'm not sure i could give up this time i have with them for anything!!
lately she's been trying so hard to talk & coo, but not too much comes out. she loves her big sister too. whenever she sees her or hears her voice she looks for her & miss mackenzie loves her just as much. they are sweet sisters... for now at least :) we'll see what a few years bring.
just another glimpse to some of the little joys in my life

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