Tuesday, December 11, 2007


meet my niece. oh yeah... she's the coolest 2 year old you'll ever meet! haha. i think that these pictures explain little miss mackenzie completely. much better than words can ever do. i took these pictures today when i met my sister & her girls for lunch. as a forewarning, my mother told me that my sister called her before lunch & advised her that mackenzie was wearing her boots & was refusing to take them off, but to make the situation even better is that these boots are too small, but guess what... mackenzie definitely didn't care. that little independent personality is really starting to come out now.

(insert tangent--don't you love this about kids? regardless of what any adult might think of their outfit choice... they don't care at all. i think my favorite example of this is when you see that little girl in the grocery store... usually with her father... wearing her dress up shoes. have you ever noticed how happy this little girl is? i know you all know what i'm talking about. she's just shuffling along in her beautiful, glittery, usually feathery dress up shoes & nothing else in her world matters, but those shoes. )

anyways...those boots were EXACTLY what she wanted to wear today. & the tshirt & shorts go right along with the 80 degree weather we had here today. the dora the explorer sunglasses were just a bonus. she wouldn't let my mom take her out of the car until she had them on. so for our photo shoot in the restaurant i asked her to do her "model pose" & this is what i got.

just thought i'd give you a humorous introduction to my niece that i love sooo stinking much it hurts!

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