Wednesday, January 16, 2008


craving it? i am, i do, i have... for sure!!! i LOVE anthropologie. it is very, very hard for me though to justify my anthropolgie purchases with my checking account. most of the time the two just can't seem to agree, BUT... & i love that there's a "BUT"... i have found out anthro's secret...

my roommate & i have made an amazing find! nestled in the back corner of the store... & yes you WILL be distracted on your trip back to the sale room by all the lovely things you can buy FULL price, but be strong my friends!! you can make it!!!... you will find the cozy little sale room.
you can find most things you were looking at 2 weeks before now easily knocked down 50%. so insted of $80 bucks for a shirt, i can get the same lovely, stylish shirt for $40! how great is that? shirts, pants, dresses, comfy clothes, you name it, it's there.
you might also want to travel over the the home furnishings side & look in the corners for sale shelves & tables. there are GREAT finds there as well for decorating your house!
now, not only can i shop at anthro, but i can afford it too!! woo hoo : )
check, check, check... check it out!

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