Tuesday, January 15, 2008

are you up for a good laugh?

i love laughing... i mean like the really good laughs where you can't breath, you're crying, & snot is running out your nose... uhhh wait. i mean... well shoot. you know what i mean. i love just laughing until it hurts!

majority of these serious laughing situations/attacks have happened with my old college roommate, jenn. our most recent laughing attack was on our plane ride back from TX when we were so tired, i'm pretty sure we were delirious. those are usually the best ones. i think everyone thought we were crazy... anywho... back to my point of this blog.

one night during college, my roommates & i were flipping through channels & came across this crazy show called Most Exteme Elimination Challenge. holy crap this will make you laugh. if you haven't ever watched it, please humor me & do!

also, please take note of the awesomeness at 1:02 & 5:07! hahahaha!

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