Sunday, April 27, 2008

fun on beech mountain

the mountains have been lovely this weekend. the picture above was from friday night's sunset. the weather was supposed to be yucky all weekend, but it's been great and only just started raining. i absolutely love beech mountain! it is one of my favorite places. it's so peaceful up here & we get to enjoy uninterrupted family time, lots of relaxation & plenty of time outdoors. lucy went on her first hike today with lily & then we played with the family at buckeye lake recreation center just down the street. we also got to enjoy my brother-in-law's new toy... the rhino... or as mackenzie would call it... the "whino." mom, dad, & mackenzie headed out for a ride this afternoon & had a blast! here is a picture of them before their ride
click here to see some pictures from lucy & lily's hike & here for some fun family pictures



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