Monday, April 28, 2008

thank you, thank you, thank you!

my blog counter hit 1,000 today!!!... so a big thank you goes out to all those who have tuned in to a little bit of my everyday life : ) i have loved blogging so far and only hope to improve and continue to share a little more of my life's enjoyment with all of you! i want to encourage you to explore, try new things, and find the life you love & live it!!! feel free to share my blog with anyone you think would enjoy & i'm off to spend my last afternoon in the mountains relaxing & reading in the hot tub!!!
have a GREAT monday evening!


Anonymous said...

You're are so very welcome! Glad to contribute to the counter... I actually stumbled across your blog one day and found it to be very interesting and yet it adds a smile to my face.

You have great talents.. And one of these days I plan on buying one of your necklaces :-) From one blogger to another... Happy Bloggins... Sherrie

{} said...

thanks sherrie! i am so glad you enjoy the blog : )

Unknown said...

Congrats girl!!! I absolutely love your blog and is ALWAYS inspirational to me!

Thank you so much for adding my blog button to your blog!! Yay! I did notice that it doesn't link to my site though. It just takes you to photobucket. I think you have to add the URL behind the image in your blogger code.

Thanks again sweetie!