Thursday, June 26, 2008

old photos

i love old pictures! i love to see how people have changed & i love looking back at old photos & reminiscing on things whether it be the event where the picture was taken, the people you were with, the clothes you wore. i love it! i also love seeing pictures before my time, especially of my family.

i was house/dog sitting for my parents last week & i came across these old photos. here are a few of my favorites!

how precious was my little mama?
i can definitely see my niece, mackenzie, in this picture
mom & dad -- highschool sweethearts.
my mother made the beautiful dress she is wearing
& how sharp looking is my dad!! : )
they were/are quite the pair

wow! check out that sweet stache & my sister's long blond hair! mom looks so young.

CLASSIC!! as catherine said "this is my heritage"wow. the 80s were rough. who thought 80s bangs were a good idea?

& a little bit of my "modeling" days... if that's what you can call it

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