Monday, July 28, 2008

light lovers. root sharers.

so i've been crazy busy the past week and will continue to be for the next few weeks because i'm officially closing on my first townhouse on wednesday at 11 am!!!

even in my busyness, i wanted to leave you a little something today. this came from my max lucado "DayBrightener"... aka, desk calendar, "cure for the common life" which you can purchase by clicking here ...

"colorado aspens provide a living picture of the church.
have you noticed how they grow in groups,
often on the otherwise bald sides of mountains?
they are sun seekers and root sharers.
unlike firs or pines, which prefer shade,
aspens worship warmth.
unlinke oaks, whose roots go deep, aspen roots go wide.
they intertwine with other roots and share
the same nutrients.
light lovers. root sharers. sounds like a healthy church"

make it a great monday : )

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