Tuesday, July 29, 2008

red + blue = purple? or something like that

as i was browsing the bookstore yesterday at lunch, a little book caught my eye...

ok so i would call myself ignorant to politics.

i don't like them.

i know i should show an interest in them.

i've chosen to be ignorant...

& yes i know that's bad.

really bad.

i think i can say that i fall in line with majority of america though. either you choose to be ignorant or you make an ignorant choice in choosing red or blue... republican or democrat.

well i've finally woken up & realized that i need to make an attempt to be more aware of the politics of the country i live in. i've grown up in a red state, but can't say that i always agree with red, but i can't always agree with blue. where do i fall? am i more one than the other? do i have to choose republican or democrat? can i have some of both? am i purple? these are all questions that i'm going to seek answers to. i'm hoping that this book will just start to shed a little light on my search into politics.

...i'll let you know how it goes...


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