Wednesday, October 8, 2008

so as a single woman with a mortgage, i'm trying to learn how to keep my finances in check. yep that's right folks... a budget. yuck. no more over the top shopping trips to target for this girl : )

my mom is a huge advocate of quicken, but i advised her that my new so-called "budget" did not allow me the luxury of buying this lovely program. so with a little searching she came across this new lovely *free* online tool for tracking your finances.

i love it! now i probably should be a little more weary of passing out my online banking login info, but after reading a few reviews & their "terms & conditions" i decided to sign up. after a few minutes of input, had all of my banking info & all of my transactions already installed on my home page. it allows you to list checking/savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, investments, loans, etc. it's great!

i've still got some playing around to do to see it's complete functionality, but it looks great to me.

happy budgeting (if that's at ALL possible)


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