Wednesday, October 8, 2008

really late wednesday night with luke : )

**so apparently when i informed you that i would be writing wednesdays with luke, i didn't even think about my schedule on wednesdays.  my free time to really stop & think on wednesdays is only from when i leave work ... which usually ends up being at about 5:30... until i have to be at dance at 6:30... & i apologize for no early morning posts, but with dance from 6:30 - 9:15, i need as much sleep as i can get wednesday mornings!!  now mind you, my commute to dance consists of 2 stop lights & maybe a quarter of a mile from home, but seriously people... what was i thinking???  all i have is barely an hour.  i really hate that i'm posting this late, but honestly over the last few weeks, it's starting to be a great unwinding routine after dance -- maybe in a few weeks though, i'll shoot for my blogging on tuesday nights & share with you wednesday mornings... we shall see!**

so please forgive me for now if wednesdays with luke are really late wednesday night posts : )

** another tangent, before i get into the actual reason i'm posting -- i just want to state a few things that are probably pretty obvious, but i just want to clarify : )  i hope that maybe it's apparent if you've been reading my blog (if you're just joining me, WELCOME!!) that i am a Christian.  i believe in God & that Jesus is the son of God.  & please, oh please don't let that run you away!!  my blog is a place that i've created to place my thoughts/findings as i learn to live the life i love & i welcome everyone to it!  so as i present to you my thoughts on the bible, just be aware that as a Christian, a woman, a human, a sinner... these are my thoughts as i study the Word (the bible) to understand the truths of what i believe better.  this is me trying to wade through the learning waters of what i believe and a way for me to share some thoughts on it.  

--wednesdays with luke--

this past week we read luke 3 in our study.  in luke 3 we find john the baptist (remember me mentioning him?) preaching to a crowd who was going to be baptized by him.  in reading john's speaking to the crowd, our teacher pointed out these 4 simple truths that can be taken from john's words.

*reality - risk - repentance - results*

REALITY - if i truly believe what i believe, i've got to realize the reality of my sin. romans 3:23 says "all have sinned & fall short of the glory of God." i have to realize that i have a problem.  it's sin... & that's my reality.

RISK - john also points out in this chapter, the risk of avoiding the reality of my sin.  i can't just deny it's there.  i can't act like my sin isn't active daily, hourly.  i have to realize the reality of my sin & do something about it.  there's great risk in just ignoring your sin.  

REPENTANCE - God calls me to repent of my sins & turn from them.  true repentance calls for a change of heart, a change of mind, & a change of my ways.  repentance is about doing a complete 180 & turning from your sin.  it's not enough just knowing your going the in the wrong direction, we are called to change our ways.

RESULTS - oh friends, results.  man that's good news.  yes, once you start realizing the sin in your life & dealing with it, turning from it, there are amazing results.  i find my relationship with the Lord is growing, i'm loving better, living better, giving better, & enjoying this amazing life that God has blessed me with... with whatever may come my way.

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