Friday, April 24, 2009


my sweet little lucy... or lula as i've affectionately come to call her...
is at the vet today getting spayed. i feel like a mother waiting on her child to get
out of surgery. i was sad when i dropped her off this morning & i
can't wait until 5:10 until i can pick her stinkin' cute self up.
i have a feeling she's not going to be very happy with me.
i love this little dog... she's my family.
i'm hoping she doesn't hold today's events against me for too long.
hurry up 5 o'clock!!

here are a few pictures of miss lucy
this is the first night i got her.
mom & i played with her on the floor all night

i love this picture of her from the mountains.

we were on a hike & she was watching lily in the lake & here is miss lucy with her best friend (the parents' pup) lily.

sweet girls.


Fidgeting Gidget said...

Be prepared, she'll be groggy and probably look pretty pathetic when you pick her up. We just did that for my little monkey (Delilah) a few weeks back. She was super groggy and the anesthetic made her get sick during the night, but then she was fine. Make sure she's resting a lot for the first few days, she'll need it, but then she'll be back to her old self! Isn't being a doggie mom the best?!?!

Karen said...

Ahhh - how sweet! We, too have a "Lucy" in our home- a Westie. (I often refer to her as my 3rd child!)