Sunday, April 26, 2009

quite a lovely sunday

lucy & i have been laying low this weekend
while she recovers from her little surgery on friday morning.
we slept in late... it was lovely
then today i headed to church for a bit
& then hit up trader joe's for some yummy deliciousness!!

strawberries mean summer is on the way!!
inspired me to make my own. 
did a little laundry & bathroom cleaning
i'm LOVING the new green works
products by clorox
lucy helped {aka slept} through some SERIOUS spring cleaning
oh & mayyybeee i made these yummy chocolate chip
ANNNNDDDddd i slipped out last night while lucy
slept & saw legally blonde the musical with the rents.
it was REALLY cute.  i highly recommend it!
hope you had a great weekend!!

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Teach.Workout.Love said...

awe i love your pictures!!! :)