Tuesday, October 13, 2009

look what i did!!

...with my iphone!!
first off my apologies for those of you who are not iphone users.
i've discovered the most amazing app on my iphone for my pictures.

...introducing photogene...
i downloaded it a while back, but never really messed with it until yesterday.
here are a few examples of what i was able to come up with.

here's neice#2 yesterday on her 2nd birthday!
isn't she stinkin' cute?!?! and i love how photogene
allowed me to brighten up her picture
here's the "danger" that awaits you in my kitchen.
oh all that yummy, chocolate goodness!! thank you target.
it's just calling out to you every time you walk by!
i'm sure there's a lot more with this app that i haven't
figured out yet, but i just thought it was too fun not to share!

enjoy & happy photo editing!!
...and my apologies for being away for a few days...

1 comment:

Sweet_Tooth said...

I'm impressed! I am iphone/blackberry illeterate, I need my phone to just be a phone. So, I admire anyone who can accomplish stuff like this on those things.

p.s. sorry I've been MIA lately. how was your weekend? Any word on the mystery man, did coffee after his return from NY every happen?