Friday, December 18, 2009

i promise i mean well :)

do you ever wonder if you come on too strong to people?
that they might feel like they're under interogation?

sometimes i wonder if that's how people feel around me at times.
it's just that i want to know your story,
know where you come from, what makes you tick...
i want to get down to the meat of who you are
& honestly i think sometimes that freaks people out.

my apologies to anyone who i might've offended...
sometimes i forget that not everyone is an open book like me. 
i promise my intentions are good & i mean well!


ps -- we're getting our 1st "winter
storm" down here in the south.
here's hoping for some snow flakes!!


Unknown said...

i love/miss you! merry merry!

Allie Caton said...

aww your so pretty!!!!!!!!!

House of Smiths said...

Oh gosh! Story of my LIFE! I have decided that this personality trait is a blessing/trial as well. lol
It's all about finding that fine line, between interest/caring about people and intimidating them. lol.

MOST people are attracted to this personality trait, but there will always be those few who choose to see it as annoying, prying or over the top.
You can't choose the way people feel about I say, just be yourself, if it's the best YOU can be!

NatureGirl said...

I am a digger too. I wonder as well if it sometimes throws people off. But more often than not I have found people want to open up and share if just given the opportunity. And Oh My that is the stinkin' cutest picture of you ever!!!