Thursday, January 21, 2010

i'm learning!

i'm 2 weeks into my photography class and i'm already blown away by what i'm learning.  when i actually think about it...  all those lovely little features on my camera that have just been hanging out right underneath my nose this whole time that i had no idea about... kind of pisses me off :)

but check it out...  with just changing ONE setting, the aperture (simple definition... how wide my lens is opening when i take the picture) i was able to change up the pictures below.  can you see the difference?  same shot... different settings. crazy huh?

i found this crazy piece of wood while hiking around beech mountain last weekend... wearing those amazing gloves you see below :) ... again just by changing my aperture setting was able to really change up the same shot.

i was also lucky enough to have sweet cheeks here as one of my lovely models over the weekend.  i'm pretty sure i could love on that sweet face all day if she'd let me, but i literally have to chase her with the camera to get her picture.  she's a stinker i tell ya!

for example... this is her actually running away from me yelling "NO!"  she hates the camera. always has.  but it just goes to show you that you never know what will turn out to be a great picture!

and this pretty girl NEVER takes a bad photo :)


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