Monday, January 18, 2010

mittens or gloves... or both!

i have officially found the best gloves/mittens EVER! and not 
to mention... they're pretty darn cute if i say so myself!
i absolutely love them!  gloves a lot of times irritate the heck
out of me because i can't use my fingers & it's even worse with
mittens... and then i found these lovelies & treated myself to them!

they're the best glove mitten hybrid ever!  i can still cover 
my hands completely if i need to, but can also open them up to use 
my fingers!  they're so functional i can hardly stand it.  
i'm pretty sure i look for excuses to wear them.   

then today i seriously fell in love with them.  i took them out on my 
"photography tour" around the mountain & they were perfect!  i could wear 
them and shoot with my camera & my fingers never got cold.  i'm in love.

i bought my pair at great outdoor provision company in 
charlotte, nc, but i was able to find them here on 


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Rohini said...

Adorable pictures! :)