Tuesday, April 6, 2010

just call me grace...

sometimes i wonder how i can be a dancer.  dancer's are defined by their poise and grace as they move across the floor.  my clumsiness baffles me at times... and let's not even talk about my mindlessness.  sometimes i really start to wonder about myself.  i feel like i'm constantly running into things, dropping things, spilling stuff, and the list goes on and on.  i remember my dad saying a lot when i was younger,"way to go grace" when something like this occured and then i just had to laugh.  i thought i would share just a few examples from my life lately...

{clumsiness - example 1}
 i had the joy of going on a hike with some friend's this past saturday (photos to come.) before we headed out on our 6 mile hike, we did what all smart girls do and headed to the facilities.  well, i should have learned by now that it is never a good idea to place your keys, cell phone, wallet, or anything for that matter on top of the good ol' TP holder.  i finished my business, flushed, and while gathering my belongings from said TP holder, i ALMOST dropped my keys in the toilet.  yep... "wohhhh that was a close one" i thought to myself, went to grab my wallet and yes, you guessed it... my clumsy self sent my trusty wallet for a swim.  i totally freaked out.  seriously... i can't tell you how many things i have dropped in the toilet in my life time.  cell phones and all!  so nasty.

{clumsiness - example 2}
my sweet friend agreed to head with me to weight training class last night where we got our butts wooped!  in this lovely class we use the torture tools long resistance bands with a lot of our moves.  for one move in particular you stand on the resistance band, hold the end handles, raise them above your head, while squatting (see...i told you it was torture)...  well here's the tip folks.  make sure you're standing on it before you pull on it... all of the sudden i heard this big slap and the back of my leg was burning... oh yeah.  it totally popped my leg.  don't worry though.. i don't learn from my mistakes the first time.  i totally did it again.  i felt like an idiot and totally had to laugh at myself.  i'm sure all the women behind me got a good laugh too.

{mindlessness - example 3}
i got inspired to try new laundry detergent at target a few weeks ago.  while perusing all of my "free & clean" options, checking out how many loads each one said you were able to get out of it, size, cost, i settled on one that looked to be a great deal.  bought it, washed clothes for about a week,  got this crazy rash, and narrowed it down that it must be the new laundry detergent.  e mentioned that it was kinda milky, but i just thought that's how this new one was... fast forward a week later and i went to wash a load of clothes and noticed in small print on the front *fabric softner* that's right.  we had been "washing" our clothes in fabric softner folks.  hence the horrendous freakout my skin had to it. 

welcome to my everyday.
i tell you though, it sure does keep things interesting.


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Alyssa said...

I can relate with them all too much!

though i must say, i have never managed the fabric softener one, that truly is an accomplishment :)