Monday, April 5, 2010

left eyes, familia, & easter beagles

recently while i was taking pictures a friend said "you use your left eye?"  in a tone that someone might use if i had four heads.  honestly i'd never really thought about it.  i'm right handed, but is it weird that i use my left eye?  i have no idea.  thoughts?  thanks to my sister taking my picture yesterday during our easter festivities i was able to see my left eye photo skills in action.
speaking of Easter, what a beautiful weekend we had here in NC to celebrate the new life we have in Christ!  He is risen and I'm thankful for that!  my dad was able to practice his photog skills yesterday when we asked him to take this lovely shot of 4 generations.  family is a wondeful thing & i wouldn't trade mine for the world!
oh... and lucky for us we got a visit from the easter beagle.  i know you're jealous!



Allie Caton said...

I use my left eye. I didnt realize it until I read this and went to see what eye i use ;) Happy Easter

Alyssa said...

wow, i feel so silly for never even thinking to change to the left eye. Now to find something to photograph to see if i can handle the switch! :)

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I actually went and picked up my camera to find out which eye I use after I read this. And I use my left eye, too! I never thought it was weird.....but I asked my hubby which eye he uses (he's a righty, too) and he uses his right. Interesting! Happy Easter, I love your Easter Beagle!

emily chidester said...

i use my left eye too! annie leibovitz uses her left eye, so i think it's safe to say we're kind of awesome.