Friday, April 9, 2010

an old friend of mine, matt davis of life stage films, recently encouraged me to save my moolah and when it came around again, that i should sign up for this...
what is love affair you ask?  the love affair workshop is a photography workshop designed to help women build their business and reignite their passion.  love affair is organized by these ah-mazing photographers

i can't even begin to tell you how nervous excited i am about this.  at first i thought i was getting wayyy ahead of myself by signing up (which i may be, but that's just how i roll :), but the more i thought about it, it just felt right.  i signed up last week and now it's official.  i must get my ish together.  i must give it my all or else i'll look like a total shmuck showing up in dallas, tx this september.  this is a huge step friends.  one i'm very excited about!   when i first checked out the love affair blog, my soul sang a quiet little "hallelujah" and i knew this was the place for me when i read their short blip on "why love affair?"

"women love so many things and yet have such a hard time being true to them all.  family, children, husband, creativity, business, soccer games, laughing, life… it’s time to figure out how to do it all…how to have a love affair with everything and most importantly with life. don’t cheat yourself out of life beyond business. you’re going to love life more deeply and love photography and business all over again."

now the husband and kids part doesn't apply to me right now, but that's ok, hopefully it will one day, but for now i want to have a love affair with this life i've been given and i want a love affair with photography to be part of that... and a balanced life is a must for me. 

 i watched my father run a successful business and at the same time, had a very healthy, balanced family and personal life.  it was a choice he made very early on in his career.  he told my mother that he could work insane hours of the week and make tons of money, but that he didn't want that.  he wanted to be with his family and love life.  i'm proud to say that he won an award last year in his business forum group for having just that... most balanced life.  
isn't my daddy cute?  he LOVES those babies (my nieces)

i've told myself from the beginning if i'm going to really do this whole photography thing,  i'm going to give it my all and i'm going to do it well, i will take my time and be patient as the journey unfolds.  no giving up, no turning back, 210% into it, but it will be balanced!   it will also be tons of hard work, but i know that the Lord is already refining me so much through this process.
can't wait to head to love affair in september!

and here's a photo of the lovies in my life... sisterly love in action :)

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Unknown said...

Ack! Squealing! Jumping up and down! Love love love it! I read Kelly Moore's blog and have seen this workshop advertised and always thought it would be such an incredible thing to be a part of! I am soooooooo proud of you babe. You're living life to the fullest!!!