Thursday, April 8, 2010


humbled. blown away by kindness. excited.
these are just a few descriptives of how i've felt over the last few weeks on this photography journey.  while hanging out with my lovely life group ladies from church a few weeks ago, they were giving me one of the best compliments i've ever recieved about my photography and while i could feel my face blushing and couldn't think of one word to say... one super, sweet friend stopped me.  she said "take it in friend... take the compliments and let them soak in.  you deserve every word" ...and i'm learning how to do that.  i can't even begin to describe to you what that has felt like or what amazing things it has done for my soul.  as i slow down long enough to stop and think about the about the amazing words of kindness i've recieved from strangers, supportive friends, fellow bloggers, facebook friends, i'm absoutely blown away and am writing this to say, "thank you"

thank you from the bottom of my heart.  your words of encouragment have meant so much to me!  on days when i feel like a turtle sticking my neck out too far and wanting to duck back inside my shell because all of this seems way too risky and it would be much safer to stay where i am... or when those nasty little thoughts creep in that say "you can't do this", God has used your words as confirmation that where i'm going is right and good.

so again...

tomorrow i have a big, exciting step in this photographic journey to share with you.  thanks to your words, you've helped me decide to continue moving forward and take steps in my journey!


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Katie Dixon said...

This is so true. There are times where the "can't" starts to creep in and the words of others are the one thing that keeps you going. Last week I knew this all too well! However, in the back of your mind you have to remember not to let the negativity slip in no matter who's around to catch you. Failure is never an option. Especially for someone as sweet and talented as yourself
But, don't forget, when you're down, DB will always be there to pick you up. ;)