Monday, June 7, 2010

excuse me if i smell like double dutch apple...

i have fine, thin, straight hair.  now one would think that when fine, thin, straight hair gets wet there would be no problem in brushing said wet hair, right?
this head of fine, thin, straight... now wet hair... becomes the epitome of tangles.  i'm talking straight disaster folks!  you don't EVEN want to see me try to figure out something to do when i get out of the pool or ocean.  it's the bane of my existence.  not really, but that sounded good for some dramatic flair!  all this to say that conditioner is a must in my daily routine unless i feel like pulling my hair out of my head and really... i'm just not into that. 

i've had a love/hate relationship with conditioner my entire life.  love = me being able to brush my wet nappy head.  hate = greasy fine, thin, straight hair by high noon.  dumb.
well while vacationing this past week with the lovies, i remembered they use their own suave "hairspray" after bath time and the light bulb went off!

it's a miracle folks!  shampoo and a little bit of this yummy smelling goodness is the magic formula!  not only can i get a brush through my hair, but it also has so much more body now and doesn't get so greasy throughout the day!  an added plus, in case i pull a "did you hear about the morgans?" moment and spray it in my eye, it's tear free!! (remember i'm clumsy)
i just thought i'd share in case anyone else out there may have this problem or you passed by me and noticed that i smelled like double dutch apple.


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