Thursday, September 2, 2010

{...come & let us walk in the light of the Lord... isaiah 2:5}

just enough light
"sometimes only the step i'm on,
or the very next one ahead,
is all that is illuminated for me.
God gives just the amount of light i need
for the exact moment i need it.
at those times i walk in surrender to faith,
unable to see the future
and not fully comprehending the past.
and because it is God who has given me
what light i have,
i know i must reject the fear and
doubt that threaten to overtake me.
i must determine to be content where 
i am, and allow God to get me where i
need to go.
              i walk forward,
                    one step at a time,
                         fully trusting that
                             the light God sheds
                                  is absolutely sufficient."
                                         ~stormie omartian

*excerpt from "just enough light for the step i'm on"

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