Tuesday, September 7, 2010

contemplation, relaxation, & a love for family

soooo i've been thinking a lot lately and i haven't really decided yet if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  i can be an over thinker... i think :), an over analyzer...i know, and sometimes a person whose inclined to be lazy.  let's just say that all that combined can make for an overwhelming experience, but here's what i'm hearing the sweet spirit of God whisper to me in this quiet...
embrace life.
daughter you are blessed beyond measure.
seize the moment... your divine moments.
take time to rest.
take time to play.
it's okay to be alone every now & then.
it's okay to not know exactly where life is taking you some days.
trust me.
it's ok to fail.  just get up again and keep going.
and most importantly, i love you more than you can ever imagine...
the 10 days prior to this past sunday i spent house sitting for my parents while they were out cruising around hurricanes to and from bermuda and gallivanting around NYC... and it was a total blessing.  i took the time to check out of my house where i wasn't distracted with cleaning/computering/doing something and just embraced being somewhere else.  i was double blessed with a touch of fall weather and spent one morning on my parents' back patio just soaking in God's word in the book of philippians, an amazing pot of french pressed coffee (yes...the whole thing) and two amazing puppies to keep me company.
i gazed at the glorious blue sky in awe of God's majesty, soaked up the last few rays of sun while laying by the pool, swam a few laps as a reminder that my body still works gloriously, and took in the lovely reminders around my parent's house of how blessed we are and was encouraged to pass those blessings on...
paul's words in philippians reminded me of not only the joy in suffering of things of this world, but joy in believing.  i was blessed to be able to soak up some time with a fantabulous little passenger on the way to the airport to retrieve her gigi & papa.
upon my parents' (much anticipated by all family members big and small) return home, we took a short stroll down the street from my house to enjoy the sights, sounds, and fun times of matthews alive, a festival that's happened every year of my life that i can remember.  a festival that i grew up dancing in their labor day parade and now get to share with the little peanuts in my life.  it was a day full of carny food, fun rides, face painting, and phenominal people watching.  business in the front, party in the back... and that's all i have to say about that ;)
all this to say that i'm actively choosing to embrace... to seize this season of my life wholeheartedly.  even if that means cranking up the john mayer trio station on pandora and dancing around my kitchen while dinner for one is cooking

how are you relaxing, loving those around you, and embracing life today?

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