Monday, December 6, 2010

"voice of beauty" :: by david johnson

i'm excited to tell you all about a beautiful gift that gives back & just in time for Christmas! 
this week Mocha Club has it 50% off for just $10. 

David Johnson, who happens to be my neighbor, and runs Silent Images (the organization I'll be working with to document my Jan 2010 Africa trip with SOI) created this beautiful book from his photography of women in developing countries.  100% of the profits from sales of this book provide micro loans for women and education for girls in Africa.

here's a little bit about the book taken from

"David’s next book, Voice of Beauty, unveils the prevailing, yet rarely celebrated, beauty and strength of women and girls in developing countries. When women and girls respond to their environment, endure social oppression, withstand abuse, fight for the rights of their child, the essence of their beauty is exposed. However, this beauty is rarely shown on the cover of glamour magazines; instead, her beauty often silently escapes with the moment, without applause, without recognition. The photographs in Voices of Beauty offers a glimpse at the unique beauty of women and girls in developing countries, a beauty that is rarely documented or applauded. Her beauty exists with or without the camera, but when captured, the power of her beauty needs to be shown, not to exploit, but to bring awareness to her story. Whether a camera captures it or not, the beauty, strength, dignity and resilience of a woman is to be celebrated."


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