Monday, March 14, 2011

{5K... here i come!}

well it's true... i've been conned into running my first 5K by my loving friends.
...and honestly i never thought i'd say this, but i'm SO pumped!!

after the initial shock of the email blast that came out advising us that we didn't have a choice on running and that it was a must, i realized that this was just what i needed and i'm totally adopting the above mentalitly. i haven't run since last year when i had a minor injury and it's the exact challenge my body needs right now.  it also doesn't hurt that summer is right around the corner.  this is giving me a serious push to challenge myself and kick this 5K training right in the keester.

what i really wanted to share with you is this awesome Couch to 5K iPhone app that i download that is hands down the best trainer i could ever have.  not only does it lay out the training for you week by week, but it also keeps track of your training, allows you to play music from your playlists, and also prompts you in your headphones when to run and when to walk. 

AND it only costs $2.99 for the 9 week training.  can't beat that for a cheap trainer!  HOLLA!  all you iPhone users can download it here :: couch to 5K  and for all of you non iPhone users... well... i'm sorry.  you need to get on the iPhone wagon :)



@shellyeve said...

I love this app! I started it and got to a portion of week three, i think, before i messed up my back and haven't had clearance to workout again until recently - i can swim but still not allowed to jog/run yet --- hopefully i can join you in a 5k one of these days! :)

NatureGirl said...

Yeah! Go for it...last summer as a fortieth bday gift to myself, I rode a 100k bike ride. I loved training for it and love that I accomplished a goal! You won't regret it..