Thursday, March 3, 2011

{AFRICA} :: part 2

a little saturday football game with the boys in gulu, uganda.
sunday worship at the church on koro farm

dear american church :: we could all learn to move a little more on sunday for the Lord.  He's given us a reason to praise Him and you CAN dance!! :)
me and little esther.  love that child!

on the way to the IDP (internally discplace people) camp
for a football game and medical clinic

no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit was in
this room that day in a mighty, mighty way.


lindsay nelson said...

the pic of the little ones- the one with the ripped dress where her pop belly is showing...just might be the cutest kid ive ever seen! :) these pics are all amazing!

Anonymous said...

Not surprised, but these are amazing!! My favorites are: the second one (amazing worship), the two men in soccer uniforms sitting and talking, and the boy looking inside through the bars in the window...Sooo good!!

Katie Perdue said...

LOVE your pictures...I was near tears by the end of the post! Thank you so so much for sharing...