Monday, March 7, 2011

{a little DIY... before & after :: frames}

::slow down everyone. you 're moving too fast
frames can't catch you when you're moving like that::

wait...wrong frames.  i just wanted to throw some jack in there.  i've been missing him AND the warm weather.   i digress... back to the task at hand.  

who doesn't love a little DIY and i KNOW you all love some frames!  have i mentioned that i refuse to pay full price for frames... well almost always, but seriously... i wanted to show you one of my AWESOME steals from the local goodwill and the beautifulness that is the after of the slightly horrendous before.  

exhibit {a} 
that "beautiful" before set of frames cost me a whopping $3 <---YEP!
...add a couple coats of spray paint & beautiful art and voila!!
... those lovely prints are courtesy of katie daisy.  
i'm slightly addicted to her amazing art!



Mbjolly said...

Love it! Cute shots and I love before and afters! (and jack johnson!) said...

I love easy art projects and those turned out Beautifully :) Thanks for sharing.

DIY til i DIE said...

I love this idea! Hmmm I will steal it!