Monday, September 12, 2011


i did the "unthinkable" last night.  i told facebook that we needed to take a break.
quite a few times in the last week i found myself on the deactivation page and realized last night i just needed to go through with it already.  after i clicked that link it was honestly a cleansing, freeing feeling.  i needed a break from the social monster that facebook can be.  in some ways it just takes up too much of my time, is a distraction, and if i'm totally honest i just need to protect myself and my heart during this season i just entered.  heart break is no fun i tell ya, but i still rejoice that God is bigger!

i'm actually excited to be off facebook.  not saying that i won't return one day or that facebook doesn't have some great benefits (for a nosy person!  i kid, i kid,  but let's be honest...)  i'm excited to truly remain engaged with my wonderful close friends around me and not just on facebook.  face to face, cups of coffee, exploring the true art of conversation. 
(me happy with my new, trendtastic hair feathers... that i love)
sorry facebook, but the real life, present life, right in front
of me is just too good not to miss out on because of you.
you make me focus too much on the bad and i think
it's better if we take a break...



Melissa said...

April! You are the bravest! If it weren't for out-of-town family and GalFriday, I'd rid myself of the Facebook monster too! How will I update you on GFB gigs?? And what's the best way to contact you? I have a photography request!


Our kids at home said...

April, it is the best feeling isn't it? I did the same thing a few months ago. I have so much more peace. I don't need to know what my friends are doing every moment of the day. I was finding that I didn't have much to talk about when I did see friends cuz I already knew everything from facebook. Things became shallow. Anyways...just wanted to encourage you a bit.
Love and hugs.