Monday, January 23, 2012

{Photo 366 :: A Photo a day challenge}

so remember when i said i was LOVIN' me some instagram & the january photo a day challenge?  well imagine my excitement when my radtastic friend erin over at bringing up burns asked me if i wanted to join forces with her to come up with our own monthly photo challenges.  now erin is one of the sweet bloggers that inspires me daily.  her pizazz for living life to the full, loving her husband passionately, and her kiddos with the utmost attention and fun, i can only hope to one day live out that inspiration in my own life.  don't even know how that girl does it all, but i love it!

we were so inspired by the creator of the january photo-a-day challenge based out of austrailia that we wanted to create our own little US version.  we got to brainstorming and realized this was something so fun that we had to share with the rest of the bloggosphere, twitterworld, instagrammers, and pinaholics (yes.  you know you are) out there.

so here it is!  february is our start and we'll be posting one each month for the rest of this year. so jump on board and challenge your photography skills.  you CAN do this!  even if you don't have an iphone for instagram you can still use your photo apps and hashtag us #febphoto366 on twitter!  just think how awesome you'll feel once you get through the whole year.  i know i'm planning on making a blurb coffee table book at the end of this year to have it all to remember.
you can play along just for the month of February or for the rest of 2012! use our list as inspiration just for yourself, or to post each day on instagram, or blog your shots at the end of each week. whatever you choose, we hope our "prompts" inspire you to get creative with your picture taking. we will post a new list of prompts about a week before the next month begins. you can follow us on instagram or twitter to be sure and get a heads up when the new prompts are posted. (@aprilmwalker and @bringingupburns on both!)

a few things we are excited to include every month, and are eager to see your interpretations of: 
Each month will start with a color. February is RED. could it be your wearing red, seeing red, hearing red, tasting red, being red, reading red, watching red, feeling red? we're excited to see! 
  •  if you play along all year, we'll work through the alphabet. february we'll take shots of the Letters A and B. could it be Apple, Author, Anticipate, Appalling? Book, Begonia, Boiled, Between? what will you shoot?
  •  on the 15th of every month, the prompt will always be "You on 15." can we each interpret this self portrait 11 different ways this year? i'm gonna try! ... and just remember to all those who are a little nervous about this one.. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  God made you just the way you are and you're perfect!

  • we will try to recognize holidays and events each month with abstract prompts. february we've included ones like "Romance and Makes You Blush" for Valentine's Day, "Favorite Movie" on the day of the Oscars, and "Leap!" on the 29th. so fun, right?!
come find us on facebook too!! 
so...that's Photo366! if you decide to play along in the month of february, we'd love it if you'd blog about the challenge and link up below. that way we can come follow you and be sure to see all the pics you'll be posting.  you'll be able to find others who have committed to the challenge and see their interpretations of the prompts too! we'll post a new linky each month, so by linking up - you're only committing to one month at a time. the linky is open until Feb 29th, so whenever you post, be sure and come back and link up as erin and i are most excited about seeing your pictures. above of all, have fun with it!
February 2012 Photo A Day Challenge