Monday, September 8, 2008

we did it!!!

we did it!!!  my mom, sister, & i were able to pull off a surprise 60th birthday party saturday night for my wonderful father!!!  we were able to get the large crowd of people to stay quiet over the last month & when he arrived for "dinner" saturday night, he was soooooo surprised to find out it was a party for him. 

we had such an amazing time and it was so great to see all the family & friends from the over the years come out and celebrate my dad.  i think my parents received one of the greatest compliments anyone can receive.  an old church friend of theirs came up to me during the party & said, 

"it's soo great to be able to come & celebrate your dad 
and see what great people your parents are that they attract 
so many different people from all walks of life."

i can only strive to be like my parents.  the Lord has blessed me with two amazing parents that love each other & everyone else around them to the best of their ability!  my dad is an amazing husband, father, papa, friend, & so much more!

i love them so very much & couldn't ask for a better family!

i love you daddy & i hope you're 60th birthday is the best one yet!

my daddy shaggin' with my mama to carolina girls!  ... how perfect : )

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help, girls! You are the best. Love, Mom