Tuesday, December 18, 2007

is there ever really a good time to get a dog?

so i've finally decided what i'm giving myself for my 25th birthday.

yep that's right.
i'm giving myself something for getting old.

a d-o-g!!!

a pocket beagle to be exact.

i've been thinking on it for a while & realized there's never really a great time to get a dog in life so if you want one -- which i do -- then get one!!

i'm super excited!! the litter of pups that i'm wanting a dog from are expected to be born around january 7th making them ready just in time for my birthday in march. & to make this pup even more special is that the breaders are kate & shawn mcdonald. he is on of my favorite musicians & i'm completely ecstatic about the possibiltiy of getting one of their pups... stayed tuned for more doggie info!!

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