Thursday, January 17, 2008

coffee...& the outer banks

coffee. hmmmm. it gives me that warm, comfort feeling, wake me up in the morning, that i need! i highly enjoy my coffee. i love it now, but what i really miss is being able to go to front porch cafe every morning to get me a fresh cup.

when i lived in the outer banks i had the luxury of passing front porch cafe on my way to work. my boss told me about this great OBX secret & i was instantly hooked! i think the best was being able to roll into front porch, no shoes, sand on your feet, & just get a great cup of coffee. the best was when i wasn't rushed & could just sit there & enjoy my coffee & read the paper. loved it! miss it! if you ever find yourself in kill devil hills or nags head, nc... be sure to stop by front porch! you can even paint some pottery at the kill devil hills location.
coffee... yum. good. drink up!

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