Thursday, June 19, 2008

summer reading

this post is something i've been wanting to write about for a long time now, but it's almost intimidating because i have soooo much to say about these books and never felt i could put my thoughts into words, but i'm going to try.

summer has arrived & everyone loves a good book to take to the pool, beach, or just read around the house. i stumbled across the Redemption series by Karen Kingsbury last fall while browsing around the bookstore. one of her newly released books at the time screamed "buy me" from the end shelf & off to the counter i went. the kind lady working the register promptly replied (with much enthusiasm i might add) when i put the book on the counter "oh my goodness, aren't these books amazing?!?!" much to my dismay, i had to admit to her that i had no idea what she was talking about. she then took me all the way across the store & directed me to buy the very first book in the Redemtion series. after buying the book, she had this huge grin on her face and told me "you'll be hooked!" ... and she was right! i'm completely hooked & also completley understand the cheesy grin she had on her face when she told me i'd be hooked. i think i'm wearing one of those right now as i type this.
not only are these books very easy to read, but they are so captivating and they have changed my life in a way i cannot describe. i really feel the Lord has spoken to me through these books in in so many ways. they've taught me about family values, relationships, faith, and so much more.

the first series redemption, which contains 5 books, was written by both karen kingbury & gary smalley. the second and third series were solely written by karen. these books follow the struggles, losses, loves, and everything else that life throws at the Baxters and their 5 grown children. after reading you feel like you know these families as if they were your own. the books will make you feel almost every emotion... i don't think i've made it through one without laughing out loud & crying... multiple times. they are so full of the reality of life that we all go through, but also how the Baxter family struggles and thrives in their belief of our amazing God.

i've passed these books to three generations in my family, many friends, and they've only been passed on from there. one friend described these books as "therapy." & have most of karen kingsbury's books used & for sale at reasonable prices or you can check them out at your local library.

happy reading & i'd love to hear from anyone about their thoughts on karen kingsbury's books.

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