Thursday, July 3, 2008

playin with the kiddos

i spent yesterday afternoon babysitting my nieces after work. the 2 of them are growing up so fast! we sat in the living room floor & played with all the toys, read some books, & watched little bear on noggin. it's so fun to watch mackenzie as she learns about numbers & also to see her little creative mind at work. she loved playing tea party with a new tea set my mom gave her. little miss madeline is growing so fast & completely content watching her sister play & trying to join in when she can. she tried to help us put some puzzles together, but just ended up hitting her self with the puzzle pieces. she seems to be fascinated with the colors on her toys & is now into throwing them when you hand them to her. sometimes i wish i was as easily entertained & content as children are with their toys.

it all amazed me at how we progress as little people. how we learn & play. how innocent we are as children... but before i know it these 2 are going to be all grown up & not babies anymore!

here are a few pics from our afternoon.

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