Thursday, August 28, 2008

on vacation!!!

i'm currently sitting in the parking lot of island convenience in rodanthe, nc stealing internet... woops!!  i apologize for leaving you for over a week!  last friday i had wedding festivities for one of my amazing friends & the actual wedding was saturday night.  talk about busy, but the celebration was absolutely beautiful!!  congrats you two!! :) 

sunday i left for a whole week of vacation in salvo, nc!!!  our lovely beach house out here in the OBX is lacking in internet connection capibilites and this is the first time i've even left the house on anything other than my two feet or a bike since sunday.  i had to come here to island convenience to get gas & grab a few things before dinner so i thought i'd check on an internet connection & lucky for me & you... i found one!!!  

all in all, i love the beach & this week has gone by WAY too fast already.  unfortunately, we did not have the greatest weather today, but we are hoping that it clears up tomorrow!!  i promise to be back sunday in full blogging force!!

i hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week & here are a few pictures from C & M's amazing wedding!!!  love you two : )

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