Monday, August 4, 2008

paper or plastic? -- how bout neither!

so if you're just joining me, i'm big on recycling (thanks to my wonderful mama's influence.) one great way that's been around for years, that seems to be catching on more recently with everyone "going green", is taking your own bags to the grocery store. more recently i've seen grocery stores such as harris teeter & trader joe's selling these types of bags.

this makes me happy.

the amount of plastic bags used a year by people is astronomical & they reak havoc on our environment (click here for some interesting & eye opening facts about plastic bags)

well of course the fashionable side of me fell in LOVE with these Baggu bags when i stumbled across them today at the simple finds blog
the bags folded up pictured above only measure 5 x 5 & weigh 2oz. how great would these be to just throw in the bottom of your purse & at the checkout just pull out your baggu -- unfold -- throw the pouch in the bottom of the Baggu -- & voila! -- you have beautiful groceries!!

i also love that they come in so many colors to choose from. they're also reasonably priced at 3 for $22. you can buy them by clicking here. can you imagine how many grocery bags this could save you a year?!? ... annnnnnd you'll look great doing it! not only would they be great for grocery shopping, but anywhere you would get a plastic bag. or how about when you are going on vacation, or just going to the gym? the reusable uses are endless!!

see... recycling can be fun & fashionable : )
who knew?!?!
i can't wait to get me some Baggus!


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