Wednesday, September 24, 2008

need a laugh?

this was a first.
i came home to this lovely handy work
of lucy & oliver last night.
it took all of me not to kill these 2.
sometimes they are straight up trouble when they're together... grrr.
oh well... i guess maybe i can use some of that fabric from
yesterday's post & make some bright patchwork furniture. ha!

are you laughing yet? i hope so...
but if not... here's another one.
so my sister & i have an inside joke about a "hip hop" song that's out right now called "in the ayer." we have a tendancy of making fools of ourselves while driving down the road listening to songs of this nature. if you have a sibling, hopefully you'll understand times such as these. maybe you could call it interpretive dance in the car? who knows? all i know is that anyone who may have seen us probably thought we were slightly crazy.
my sister told me yesterday that while searching for this song in itunes, she never realized that "ayer" was spelled that way. haha. who knew? anywho...
soooo... the real funny part, my mom recieved the following email from one of her tennis teammates the other day & then knowing about the inside joke between me & the sister, forwarded it to us. it made us laugh. i'm glad she can appreciate our humor. :)
oh & the myers park listed in the email is probably one of the prim & proper country clubs in the south so i'm suuuuuuureeeeee they would've LOVED them blasting this song on the tennis courts. sorry if you''re a member : )
Subject: RE: Match tomorrow
My son's been driving my car lately and so now the Sirius 4 Preset "Movin' EZ" somehow got switched to "Hot Jamz!"
So now I'm hooked! Anyway, thought y'all might also want a little Hip Hop to get pumped up with before tomorrow's match . (If anyone has a boom box, feel free to blast it out onto the Courts tomorrow . I think Meyers Park would like this one!)

Here's the link- (click if you dare)

Party On!
Donna K :-)

PS My husband had never heard this song (unbelievable, I know!) so I just got thru singing and dancing to it for him in the kitchen - he laughed till he cried. See y'all tomorrow!

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Kim Tapp said...

oh no! i remember that chewing phase with paisley all too well. in fact, my leather chair is just now getting fixed from where she ripped it up over a year ago. she still rips toys to shreds, but thankfully not anything she's not supposed to.